I am a Graphic Designer and letterer living in Winnetka, Illinois. I specialize in custom lettering projects (custom logotypes, lettering illustrations, and typographic installations), but also take on more traditional graphic design projects (website design, print layouts) if the project is right.

I’ve designed a number of typefaces (which you can buy here). I finish an oil painting about once a year do an anamorphic type installation every once in a while, and also have an etsy store where I sell stuff.

Other facts: I have two daughters and a dog. I am an avid Chicago Blackhawks fan. I won the Physical Education departmental award in high school for excellence in gym class. I have a personal goal of eating at a McDonald’s on every continent. I used to be in a number of bands, a sampling of which you can hear at soundcloud.com/tqvinn. I will see pretty much any movie with Jason Statham or The Rock in it.

Email: thomas[at]tqvinn.com
Instagram: @tqvinn
Twitter: @tqvinn
Linked In: linkedin.com/in/tqvinn
Dribbble: dribbble.com/tqvinn

Blank Is The New Black, Designer/Founder

Holly Hunt Enterprises, Art Director

Pressley Jacobs Design, Graphic Designer

Rhode Island School of Design
BFA, Major in Graphic Design

Print Magazine Regional Design Annual
2006, 2007, 2009

Communication Arts Typography Annual 4 (2013)

Chicago Design Museum, 2013